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MetaLamp is Driving Efficiency and Impact Through Blockchain Solutions, Says GoodFirms

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Businesses are increasingly investing in blockchain solutions to mitigate some of the most critical challenges relating to operations, staff shortages, rising prices, supply chain, etc., within organizations and preparing themselves for future disruptions.

Blockchain technology is trending, but that doesn’t mean that it can be integrated easily into the running processes within a business.It requires expertise and experience to deal with and make the most out of this emerging technology. This is where MetaLamp - a company having proficient and skilled blockchain developers, steps in.

Incorporated in 2014, MetaLamp renders blockchain development that is bringing web 3.0 to everyone. The company holds 80+self-oriented engineers from Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, andUzbekistan. Over half of the engineers work as front-end and back-end developers.

The team understood that in order to work on challenging projects, everyone on the team needed to improve their skills constantly. As a result, the company developed its own road map for developers, in which their knowledge levels are classified and supplemented with relevant content.

Few people are aware that MetaLamp created the Training Program in order to attract developers who are interested in self-development into our ranks. The company hires skilled programmers and trains them to innovate and grow in this facet.


The company has grown in terms of customer base and proficiency by introducing innovative training programs and improving its developers' skillset. The vast majority of blockchain developers here have already advanced to a high level of proficiency and will continue to grow in-house in accordance with the Developer Roadmap. 

From the beginning, MetaLamp's team has strived not only to solve its clients' problems but also to enjoy the entire process: learning about topics related to the solution and determining the best methods.

Moreover, the team purposefully avoided developing a large number of simple websites in order to challenge themselves with unique and complex projects, and this has allowed them to grow and work with some incredible people and tasks.

After the initial Cardano projects validated MetaLamp's interest in blockchain, the team expanded their knowledge in a major decentralized technology - Ethereum.

Moreover, working with Haskell and the functional programming approach led MetaLamp to the Cardano infrastructure and the Plutus smart contract ecosystem.

Creating a decentralized data storage service based on Cardano, where users can earn money by providing free space on their computers for storing files. The team is working on smart contracts to allow users to interact with the blockchain and decentralized market.

For developing such robust solutions for such big companies, the team defines the task, goals, and desired outcome. They will form a project team and begin the estimation process if they have enough information.

If you are still determining whether your requirements are comprehensive enough, the team will also assist you in gathering all of the required data during the Discovery phase.

As needed, MetaLamp's design team will create service prototypes. This will assist them in working through the non-obvious issues and ensuring that they understand the task correctly and do not overlook anything.Based on the prototypes, the developers will estimate the remaining scope of work and more precisely prioritize the functions of the future service.

Thus, rendering robust solutions endows MetaLamp to lead as one of the best blockchain development companies amongst the listed ones atGoodFirms.

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