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MetaLamp Makes Adopting Blockchain Easier for Your Business: GoodFirms

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MetaLamp is a custom software development agency established in 2014 by a small programming club of six friends, including five developers and one designer. The team initially named the company as “Fullstack Development” that stood by one another and looked for challenging projects.

In this 8 years of span, MetaLamp has successfully accomplished 100+ projects utilizing an extraordinary team of 80+ professionals who always aim to discover solutions to complex challenges. Reliable workforce of the company believes in systematically self-learning and nurturing talents to best serve their customers.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Roman Shtykh, the CEO and Founder of MetaLamp shared how he and his friends incorporated the company and gave all of their efforts to make it a success.

Roman initiates the interview showcasing the strong presence of MetaLamp in the Blockchain industry. Most of the company’s clients are entrepreneurs and businesses requiring decentralized applications along with implementing blockchain solutions into contemporary business processes. Being the CEO of the company, Roman’s role and responsibilities are stretched to coordinating and managing strategic departments, mostly finances, sales, and marketing.

From the initial level only, the passionate developers of the company were engaged in developing web products to change the everyday life of the people. He well-reminded the very-first project they developed were small freelancer’s jobs, but today the company and its highly-qualified developers and engineers are easily delivering high-loaded systems from fintech startups to analytical services for enterprises.

Regarding the business-model of the company, Roman shares that the entire MetaLamp team works in-house. He says that all the company’s projects are mostly in its full control. Some partner companies are also associated with MetaLamp to support if projects demand more specialists.

According to MetaLamp Founder, narrow ranged specialization is the main strength of the company. When the company is only dealing in providing efficient blockchain solutions to its clients, it allows the company to do the best quality service in that area without getting distracted by other sections. The blockchain developers of the company strictly stand towards following the technical standards with improving their skill-sets and sustain a level of expertise. “More than 70% of our customers return to us for new solutions and scaling their projects,” he adds.

Regarding the services offered at MetaLamp, smart-contract development, MVP development, frontend and backend development services are majorly provided to the clients from all across the globe. The company is soon-to-be-ranked as a top blockchain development company in Georgia and gradually spreading its operations across different other parts of the world.

Mr. Shtykh shared that a Project Manager coordinates every project in the company. All queries and requests are entertained as per adequate immediacy and absolute transparency. The company spends a lot of time building maintainable and scalable architecture but hinders giving unexpectable goals that risk the projects at the end.

Most of the projects in MetaLamp are developed in a hybrid regime, when normal tasks are associated with the fixed costs, and complex issues are handled and undertaken on an hourly basis. “For projects we totally understand we can suggest a fixed budget. In projects with a portion of uncertainty we suggest work by Time and Material,” Roman Shtykh adds further.

One of the wonderful things Mr. Shtykh shared about MetaLamp is that the company does not consider projects in budget preferences. They are always ready to take even simple tasks if it suits their specialists interests and expert level. The minimum hour rate charred at the company is $40 and maximum hour rate is $110. The minimum budget of the company's fixed priced projects in 2021 was $5000, and the maximum budget exceeded to $150000.

Roman concludes the interview by throwing light on the rising blockchain technology in the industry. He claimed that there would be a huge increase in the number of companies implementing blockchain solutions and adopting decentralization for their business processes. According to him, “The traditional approaches of information storing and financial management will be changing. Even principles of ruling corporations may be removed by new decentralized methods of making decisions. We want to be experts who build this stage of business technology evolution.”

The detailed interview can be glanced at the GoodFirms company page.

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Prepared by Anna Stark, a Content Writer at GoodFirms, who bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s dominant role lingers to form every company’s achievement and critical attributes into words. She strongly believes in the charm of words and equips new approaches that work, always with concepts.

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