Ethereum development domain

Developing blockchain platforms to create new version of Web

Why Ethereum is good way to decentralize

1. Popularity

Ethereum is the most widespread blockchain in the world. Most decentralized apps are working in Ether infrastructure.

2. Accessibility

Users and developers of Ethereum made the biggest international blockchain community so entrepreneurs have more opportunities for new ideas and projects.

3. Upgradability

Ethereum and Solidity are the easiest technologies to maintain.

Mikhail Dashkevich

When we started our way in blockchain our expertise in Haskell led us to Cardano. But after several months we realized that we are interested in Ethereum too due to its popularity and prevalence in the blockchain industry."

Which ideas we embody


Making systems for users to help them more control over their money through personal wallets and trading services.


Having experience in building digital marketplaces for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens.

Blockchain solutions for GameDev

Implementing smart contracts in blockchain games.

Data analytics services

Making services that help people monitor crypto metrics and choose right decisions
We believe that blockchain solutions become a foundation for online interaction between people.

Technologies we use for building this foundation

React Native

Our experience in working with Ethereum infrastructure


We developed a frontend for 10 MVPs. It is DeFi yield aggregator products featuring curated best-in-class yield generation strategies from various protocols.
Alexander Mazaletsky
Alexander Mazaletsky
I’ve had a chance to work with the guys on 2 different blockchain projects. Over the time of cooperation, they showed the strongest technical skills, total commitment to the project, and shared understanding. It’s a real pleasure to work with them.
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MVP’s front-end for a cryptocurrency service. Data analytics and visualization with large data tables and a widget system.
Danila Chestnykh
Danila Chestnykh
We’ve been working together for over a year. A team of professionals capable of performing complex tasks efficiently and timely. They are flexible in terms of shaping a project team depending on the scope of work and implementation requirements. I would definitely recommend them.
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Zombie Cupcakes

We developed frontend and connected smart-contracts for the NFT collection sales platform that received a grant from Polygon to help build the Metaverse ecosystem.
Brett Lindstrom
Brett Lindstrom
— founder
I love this team so much. You have no idea how impressed and thankful I am for them so far. When I say this I mean it and I hope it’s not taken lightly. This team is elite. They are the best group of front end web 3 devs I’ve ever worked with. They’re incredible. And incredibly easy to work with. Darya has done a fantastic job. I cannot speak more highly of them. Truly.
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No Stress From Us

Select specialists based on their skills rather than titles

Not all projects require a senior engineer. For your project we will select developers with relevant skills based on our Developer Roadmap. Your can involve your specialists to participate in technical interviews.

Experience in web projects since 2014

Working together with us, you involve a highly experienced team in project development. Our projects vary from simple marketplaces to high-load fintech startups

We act predictably

We understand the importance of transparency. Sometimes you have to know: what functionality you are expecting in the output; timelines when the result will be delivered; what is the next step when the project is over. We help to cover all these issues at the very beginning.
We are convinced that there are no "silly" questions, and the earlier you talk through every awkward issue, the more pleasing the result will be. That is why we are open to questions throughout the work, so that in the end both you and us will be satisfied with the result.
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